Sunday, December 9, 2007


How bitter sweet our senior's graduation was last night. With them graduating, it now means we are seniors and are half way to our own graduation. I am terribly excited for TPS to be over but that also means that I will have to be separated from good friends in 6 months as we go our different ways. This experience has created some of the best friendships I could have asked for and so many people have brought so much to our lives just in knowing them in. As I watched our seniors depart onto their next adventure, I realized as hard as TPS is and will become, I wouldn't trade it for anything as it has introduced me to so many interesting, wonderful people! Congratulations 07A - we aren't too far behind!

Our seniors named themselves "The Best Looking TPS Class Ever!", but I must say our guys are the best looking class ever!
Most of the 07B wives - I think we are a pretty good looking bunch too!

Team Red

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Sarah said...

Go Team Red! Yeah, I figured if I cried at the seniors graduation, then I'm going to be basket case at ours!