Friday, September 25, 2009

a brand new hole

After much hesitation, a few tears and a lot of words of encouragement, we now have a reason for the Tooth Fairy to make an appearance in the Marlin household tonight.

Elizabeth has been wiggling her wobbly tooth for a couple weeks now to discover tonight as she was brushing her teeth that she could push it out with her tongue to the point it was hanging (yuck!). We didn't want her to swallow it while she was sleeping so we encouraged her to pull it out. In the end I "helped" it along and it wasn't a big deal.

She is so ecstatic about her new hole in her smile that I think her smile goes from one cheek to the other. What a big girl!

Sweet dreams baby girl! I hope the Tooth Fairy brings you something good!

Elizabeth's tooth fairy doll with her tiny tooth in the bag and a letter that she wrote especially for the tooth fairy.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Welcome to AJ's new school. This year he attends Wesley Academy at the First United Methodist Church of Niceville.

When we found out that his school that he had gone to last year was closing, I went straight over to Wesley to register him because I had heard only good things about it. Knowing that the kids were getting a whole new building made it that much better but little did I know....

This 7 million dollar building was designed and decorated by the people that do a lot of the design and artwork for Disney. They didn't slack when it came to this school - that's for sure!

The theme throughout the school is the ocean. As you walk in, you walk into the first floor where there is sea life all over the place as well as pressure panels in the floor that make it appear as if there is water moving all around you whenever you take a step.

They have several play areas thought the complex - some indoor and some out. AJ likes this one when we visit because not only is inside (A/C) but there is a big bucket of balls that can be thrown all around.

To get to his classroom, you walk down a hallway that is painted with all sorts of different sea life. It is so cool!
Each classroom is themed after some sort of marine animal. AJ is in the turtle room.

AJ showing us around during Open House.

Once a week they get to go to Music Class and PE. Who knew that a preschool would change classes, right? Anyway, AJ loves music because he gets to go upstairs to the "beach".

But his most favorite part is when he gets to go back to his classroom from music because they get to use the indoor slide that goes from the second floor down to the first.

I would have to say that he is one lucky little boy to have such a cool school. I do have to say that the teachers are great too and he has made some new friends and has a wonderful time at school.
I hope you enjoyed the picture tour. (It doesn't really do it justice!)

Monday, September 21, 2009


What I thought was going to be an adventure in "mommyhood" turned out to be pretty easy. I had appointments for all three kids to get their cleanings done. AJ and Elizabeth have been before and have done great but I figured having three there and it being Jacob's first time, it might not be so easy this time. We were blessed with couple of surprises. Jacob did wonderful and Mike was able to be there just in case there was a problem. We also found out that Jacob is going to be our orthodontic nightmare in the future as he is missing a couple of his adult teeth. Damn genetics! Oh well - at least he has a Mommy that can sympathize with him later one. For now we are just working on making those pearly whites as shiny and healthy as we can for the tooth fairy. :) I am so proud of all of these guys and we left with them telling me how much they loved the dentist so it is going down as a success in my book.

The tech showed Jacob all of her tools and what they felt
like on his finger tips before she did anything.

The tech was telling Elizabeth how to wiggle her teeth and
floss under them so that her loose ones will come out a little easier.

AJ talked the whole time about the new tooth brush he was going to get at the end.

Friday, September 11, 2009

orange float

Now it isn't often, well actually closer to never, that I let my kids have soda. But when the only sign of liquid is a vending machine and you have two screaming at your legs that they are dying of thirst, you just make do. So what did I do? I thought well, let's go with the soda without any caffeine. Smart, huh? Well apparently their deprivation of any type of carbonation has also led to an aversion to bubbles in their mouths. You would have thought I had given them acid with the way they were complaining about how it was "spicy" on their tongues. Not a big hit and still some thirsty kids waiting for cheer leading practice to be over.

So with this "spicy" drink in tow we went home, had a great dinner and wouldn't you know, I had the great idea to have orange floats for dessert. We headed outside with lawn chairs and indulged. I guess the ice cream un-spiced it for them and it was a great time just sitting outside enjoying each other. I think we might have to do more of these in the future.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Dad, we are sending birthday wishes your way! We miss you and love you lots! Hope to see you soon!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


This story goes a little something like this...

Mommy: "Elizabeth, take your fingers out of your mouth please."
Elizabeth: "But Mommy it has to be there."
Mommy: "What are you talking about?"

Elizabeth: "It's a wiggly wobbly tooth!"
Mommy: "No way!"
Elizabeth: "Yes Mommy! I finally have a loose tooth!"
Mommy: "Well then girlfriend, keep wiggling!"

This little girl has been waiting for a very long time to get a loose tooth as she has watched all of her friends and classmates lose their first baby teeth and she has not had so much as a wiggle. But the wait is over. Now to see how long it take for that thing to come out.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

the last of 1st's

When I woke up this morning, I was excited yet heartbroken at the same time. I realized that this will be the first time in six and a half years that I will have been alone. OK- I know I have gone out from time to time without the kids but this is different. This is a new stage for us. There is just something about school that signifies a new stage of life.

So yes, Jacob had his first day of school today. He isn't three yet but started in a three year old class. I am assuming that having two older siblings will give him an edge up on that level but I'm not sure how he will cope otherwise. Anyway, when we got there he jumped out of the car with one of his teaches, said good bye and was off like he had been doing this for a while. He looks so little. Where has my baby gone? I guess he has grown up. Have fun in school my little man!