Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Welcome to AJ's new school. This year he attends Wesley Academy at the First United Methodist Church of Niceville.

When we found out that his school that he had gone to last year was closing, I went straight over to Wesley to register him because I had heard only good things about it. Knowing that the kids were getting a whole new building made it that much better but little did I know....

This 7 million dollar building was designed and decorated by the people that do a lot of the design and artwork for Disney. They didn't slack when it came to this school - that's for sure!

The theme throughout the school is the ocean. As you walk in, you walk into the first floor where there is sea life all over the place as well as pressure panels in the floor that make it appear as if there is water moving all around you whenever you take a step.

They have several play areas thought the complex - some indoor and some out. AJ likes this one when we visit because not only is inside (A/C) but there is a big bucket of balls that can be thrown all around.

To get to his classroom, you walk down a hallway that is painted with all sorts of different sea life. It is so cool!
Each classroom is themed after some sort of marine animal. AJ is in the turtle room.

AJ showing us around during Open House.

Once a week they get to go to Music Class and PE. Who knew that a preschool would change classes, right? Anyway, AJ loves music because he gets to go upstairs to the "beach".

But his most favorite part is when he gets to go back to his classroom from music because they get to use the indoor slide that goes from the second floor down to the first.

I would have to say that he is one lucky little boy to have such a cool school. I do have to say that the teachers are great too and he has made some new friends and has a wonderful time at school.
I hope you enjoyed the picture tour. (It doesn't really do it justice!)


Jenny said...

That is AMAZING. Unbelievable. I hope I find a great preschool like that for Brady when we move to Maryland!

Mom/Gamma said...

Too cool AJ!! I just love your school and can't wait to see it when I come to visit you in a few weeks.
What a lucky boy he is and even though we are sad that all of you are so far away it seems as though the schools are well worth it for the kids.
Love to all!

Sally said...

That is the *perfect* school for AJ. A place that encourages his creativity and channels it constantly. How cool to embrace little boyhood with a slide and lots of recreation. Totally awesome.