Monday, September 21, 2009


What I thought was going to be an adventure in "mommyhood" turned out to be pretty easy. I had appointments for all three kids to get their cleanings done. AJ and Elizabeth have been before and have done great but I figured having three there and it being Jacob's first time, it might not be so easy this time. We were blessed with couple of surprises. Jacob did wonderful and Mike was able to be there just in case there was a problem. We also found out that Jacob is going to be our orthodontic nightmare in the future as he is missing a couple of his adult teeth. Damn genetics! Oh well - at least he has a Mommy that can sympathize with him later one. For now we are just working on making those pearly whites as shiny and healthy as we can for the tooth fairy. :) I am so proud of all of these guys and we left with them telling me how much they loved the dentist so it is going down as a success in my book.

The tech showed Jacob all of her tools and what they felt
like on his finger tips before she did anything.

The tech was telling Elizabeth how to wiggle her teeth and
floss under them so that her loose ones will come out a little easier.

AJ talked the whole time about the new tooth brush he was going to get at the end.

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Mom/Gamma said...

I am VERY proud of all of the kids, they look so cute in their chairs and I must add very well behaved. Good job Mom & Dad for teaching them so young...
Love & miss you all!