Friday, September 11, 2009

orange float

Now it isn't often, well actually closer to never, that I let my kids have soda. But when the only sign of liquid is a vending machine and you have two screaming at your legs that they are dying of thirst, you just make do. So what did I do? I thought well, let's go with the soda without any caffeine. Smart, huh? Well apparently their deprivation of any type of carbonation has also led to an aversion to bubbles in their mouths. You would have thought I had given them acid with the way they were complaining about how it was "spicy" on their tongues. Not a big hit and still some thirsty kids waiting for cheer leading practice to be over.

So with this "spicy" drink in tow we went home, had a great dinner and wouldn't you know, I had the great idea to have orange floats for dessert. We headed outside with lawn chairs and indulged. I guess the ice cream un-spiced it for them and it was a great time just sitting outside enjoying each other. I think we might have to do more of these in the future.

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Jenny said...

That's hilarious about the bubbles and how it was "spicy"! Cute pics.