Tuesday, September 1, 2009

the last of 1st's

When I woke up this morning, I was excited yet heartbroken at the same time. I realized that this will be the first time in six and a half years that I will have been alone. OK- I know I have gone out from time to time without the kids but this is different. This is a new stage for us. There is just something about school that signifies a new stage of life.

So yes, Jacob had his first day of school today. He isn't three yet but started in a three year old class. I am assuming that having two older siblings will give him an edge up on that level but I'm not sure how he will cope otherwise. Anyway, when we got there he jumped out of the car with one of his teaches, said good bye and was off like he had been doing this for a while. He looks so little. Where has my baby gone? I guess he has grown up. Have fun in school my little man!

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Jenny said...

Ohhhhhh! He looks so excited though. Brady starts on Tuesday, the 8th and I'm already dreading it (but excited for him) I'll miss my best buddy while he's gone. I hope he had a great day and well, enjoy that quiet time!!