Thursday, January 28, 2010

DisneyWorld 2010 - a day at Sea World

I might just have to switch my beer of choice to Bud-Light since Anheuser-Bush was so generous to let our family into SeaWorld for free for a day. I feel so indebted....

After all of the races were over we spent a beautiful day at SeaWorld where we saw the dolphins, whales, otters, sea lions, sharks and other marine animals! I think this was by far my favorite day and I know the kids loved it too!
Very sweet dolphin...
By far the biggest walrus I have ever seen. I wish we could have gotten a video but he was doing sit-ups at the time this was taken - too funny!

The kids loved the area that was geared towards their stature (read shortness). They had roller coasters, rides, play gyms and much more all for little ones.

Mike and Jacob on a roller coaster that lasted all of 2.2 seconds but Jacob loved it!

With Shamu. They couldn't figure out how to have their picture taken without falling off of the bottom.
After lunch we got to see the horses that Anheuser owns. The Clydesdale's weren't there that day.
The kiddos liked the Manatee's and really wanted their pictures taken with the statues that were outside of the exhibit. Do you think AJ has his pose down or what?

The stroller packed to max capacity with kiddos on our way out of the park. They are all still smiling so I would say it was a good day.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

pogo master

I am still working on the rest of our Disney trip but have found that going through over 300 pictures is becoming a little tedious. Anyway, per the request of one special Nana, here is a video of my little Pogo Master.

Friday, January 15, 2010

DisneyWorld 2010 - races all around

We just got back from a week at DisneyWorld were we visited all 4 parks, SeaWorld and even threw in a 1/2 marathon, 5K, (2) 200m dashes and a 100m dash. I am tired but it was a great vacation! We headed down to Orlando last week to meet up with some family, run in Disney races and most importantly take the kiddos to DisneyWorld. Mike's aunt and uncle along with his parents were able to meet us there the day we arrived and we stayed in the military resort down there, Shades of Green. (Anyone who is eligible to stay there and hasn't - YOU SHOULD!)

Anyway, day one (Thursday) started off with us heading over to Disney's Wide World of Sports to pick up all of our race packets and attend the expo. After that we went back to the hotel for some lunch and then headed over to Hollywood Studios. Little did we know at that point what a roller coaster junkie we had on our hands with AJ. That little man wanted to ride on the Tower of Terror so Papa and I took him on it. Once we got off and I recovered my own stomach, I asked him what he thought and he responded with, "That was awesome!" (Really?!! I mean seriously boy, you are only 4!) We then headed over to see Beauty and the Beast and followed it up with some Muppets in 3D. The best part of this day was that we were able to visit with Mike's aunt and uncle who we usually only get to see when we are moving and driving through CO. Thanks for letting us drag you around!
Friday started out early (4:30AM wake up) as I headed out to the Disney UP! 5K. Man it was cold!!! I was happy with my time and enjoyed the sights as I ran through Epcot. I really wish I had done the half marathon but I had a great time at this race. Now I am ready for the full marathon experience in 2011.

In the chute waiting for the start.

Approaching the finish. (It is hard to take a picture while running.)

After crossing the finish line. All spectators had to be outside of the fence.

After cleaning up and getting ready we headed back to Disney's Wide World of Sports for the kids races.

Elizabeth and AJ participated in the 200m dash and Jacob was in the 100m dash. All kiddos were completely lethargic when we got there and it took a good deal of encouragement to get them going but each one of them crossed the finish line and earned their medals. (Jacob crossed in Daddy's arms - does that count?)

There was pre-race entertainment that Mike apparently found very funny!

Grouchy girl!

Lethargic AJ!

Tired Jacob who just woke up.

The advantage of dressing the boys in bright orange is that you can spot them easily. AJ is in the far left of the picture.

After the race the kids finally found their energy as they showed off their Mickey Medals.

Off to the expo to find Daddy some warm pants for tomorrow's race.

Waiting outside of the expo.

After we went back to the hotel for a little down time, we decided to have an early dinner in Downtown Disney at the Rainforest Cafe. The kids had a blast there with all of the things to look at and keep them entertained. After a good meal, we got some chocolate at the Godiva store (YUM!), did some shopping and then decided it was time to head back to get rest for the 1/2 marathon the next day.

Saturday was an even earlier wake up call (3:30AM for Mike) as he headed off with friends of ours to race in his first 1/2 marathon. Another woman and I met in the lobby of our hotel at 6:30 with the debate of going to cheer on our loved ones or not as it was 32 degrees and sleeting with some snow flurries. In the end we braved the elements and walked down the hotel driveway to cheer on the four that we knew in the race. It was cold but we were there to support them. After they all ran by (at the 8 mile mark) we went over to catch the monorail and take it to the finish line. This ended up being more of a challenge than we anticipated with dodging cops and running with some of the runners for a bit.

We made it to the finish line just as all of our friends and family ran to the finish. I missed the picture of Mike and am so upset about that but you can check out the pictures of him that were taken at the race here.

Our good friends Devin & Lynette as they were about to cross the finish line.

All of the above pictures were from the monorail as Mike and I headed back to the hotel. There were over 26,000 people that ran the 1/2 marathon.

Once we got back to the hotel after the race, we got cleaned up and decided that we would brave the elements and head over to the Magic Kingdom. It was freezing cold but the kids held strong the whole day! It started to clear up later that evening. We rode all sorts of rides and saw a parade or two. The best part was seeing the castle all lit up in the icicle lights. We stayed for the fireworks and then headed back from some well needed pillow time!

The castle decorated with icicles.
Our new way of transporting three sets of tired feet.

The rest of our trip coming soon....