Thursday, January 28, 2010

DisneyWorld 2010 - a day at Sea World

I might just have to switch my beer of choice to Bud-Light since Anheuser-Bush was so generous to let our family into SeaWorld for free for a day. I feel so indebted....

After all of the races were over we spent a beautiful day at SeaWorld where we saw the dolphins, whales, otters, sea lions, sharks and other marine animals! I think this was by far my favorite day and I know the kids loved it too!
Very sweet dolphin...
By far the biggest walrus I have ever seen. I wish we could have gotten a video but he was doing sit-ups at the time this was taken - too funny!

The kids loved the area that was geared towards their stature (read shortness). They had roller coasters, rides, play gyms and much more all for little ones.

Mike and Jacob on a roller coaster that lasted all of 2.2 seconds but Jacob loved it!

With Shamu. They couldn't figure out how to have their picture taken without falling off of the bottom.
After lunch we got to see the horses that Anheuser owns. The Clydesdale's weren't there that day.
The kiddos liked the Manatee's and really wanted their pictures taken with the statues that were outside of the exhibit. Do you think AJ has his pose down or what?

The stroller packed to max capacity with kiddos on our way out of the park. They are all still smiling so I would say it was a good day.

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Looks like so much fun!