Saturday, February 6, 2010

a night away

Thanks to some ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL friends of ours Mike and I were able to leave the kiddos at home and hit the road for Pensacola for the night. We headed out right after school and drove right along the coast. We knew the sand was white here but honestly it looked like blankets of snow. It was so smooth and pretty.

We actually went to Pensacola to run in the Double Bridge 15K. To our surprise, my Dad was working there that weekend so he met us the night we got in and then met us again at the finish line the next morning.

The race was awesome! We ran over two bridges and through 3 towns. Who knew you could do that in as little as 9.3 miles? Anyway, it was beautiful to see the sunrise over the water. The weather was cool but sunny and the wind was at our backs. Good times.

After the race we headed back home with my Dad in tow it retrieve the kids and have them spend the rest of the weekend with their Pappy. The kids were so surprised to have Pappy spend the weekend with us and they showed off nonstop the entire weekend.

It was a great weekend! Thanks Dad for spending time with us!

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