Sunday, March 7, 2010

Seaside 1/2

I have now officially been running for over a year and Seaside was my anniversary race. Back in 2009, I ran my first race (outside of high school) in Seaside. I ran the 5K and never imagined that I would want to or be able to run more than 3.1 miles. A year later I ran my first half marathon exactly where I ran my first race.

This journey was not an easy one. I have had my share of running related injuries as well as the challenges of having a family and trying to get my training in.

About a two weeks before the race while out on a training run, I hurt my back and leg. I wasn't able to walk for two days and was afraid that my race would not become a reality. After seeing my doc and getting in with an awesome physical therapist, they got me in condition to run.

Not only did I have my redheaded stubbornness working for me but the motivation, inspiration and encouragement of close friends and family were huge. In the end, I ran my first half marathon with my husband by my side the whole way and the inspiration of a dear friend in my thoughts. My time was slower than I wanted but I was just happy to cross the finish line. I had a blast and it was a very memorable experience for me. I am so happy that I did it!


Jenny said...

CONGRATS!!!! What a great accomplishment. Full marathon here you come!!!

Sally said...

Great job, Carrie! We're going to have to work our next assignment together so you can get me moving too!