Thursday, May 20, 2010

a day at the zoo

Another field trip today but for Jacob this time. The three year old classes at his school went to the Gulf Breeze Zoo. It was about a 45 minute drive and the zoo was small but it was perfect for little ones and lack of attention span. Plus it was HOT!!!

Once we got into the zoo, the kids were amazed to see baby chicks of all sorts running through the zoo. Jacob was especially curious about the chickens. He timidly followed them as they walked along the sidewalk. It was pretty cute....

.... until Mama came charging at him from the bushes. It scared the daylights out of him and he was traumatized for a little bit.

Sorry so blurry but I think I saw what was happening through the lens and dropped the camera to go get him as I snapped the picture. But you get the idea. :)

Once we were over the trauma of the chicken, we rode on a small train around the zoo. After the train ride, each of the kids were given a large cup of food and we headed over the the feeding area.

AJ once again enjoyed a field trip with one of his siblings. I think he thinks this is what I must do while he is at school.

Jacob quickly figured out that if you hold the cup of food up to the animals it is a lot less messy than out of your hand.

He also tried the throwing it on the ground technique.

He was also able to pet a 2 week old mini deer. It was smaller than a chihuahua. So cute!

AJ found himself a lamb that he fed.

Once Jacob discovered all of the cutouts for pictures, he insisted that I take a picture of him in each one.
For some reason, this one seems to fit his personality. What do you think?
After a tour of the zoo and some petting and feeding, we had some very hot and hungry kiddos on our hands so we headed to the pavilions to have a group lunch. Lunch with 30+ three year olds is certainly an experience. It was certainly a good way to wrap up the year. He has one more week left and then it's summer break!


Mom/Gamma said...

I just love being able to see what all the kids do in their lives. The chicken incident did bring me to tears...,unfortunately I'm sorry to say the tears were from laughing so hard when I saw the "attack" picture. What a horrible Gamma I am to laugh at something so traumatizing for Jacob. Sorry buddy! Not sure if Jacob will stop eating chicken now or maybe eat MORE!!!
Love to all!

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Amy said...
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Vinyi said...

i like the photos you took....
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