Thursday, July 1, 2010

beach vacation

Beach House Baby! That's what we did for our summer vacation this year. The extended Marlin Clan all boarded planes to Destin this summer to spend a week on the beach. With 8.5 children and 9 adults we donned out bathing suits and sunscreen and pretended we were in an exotic land far from the stresses of everyday life.
We were lucky enough to have my sister in law and her two kids come out a little early for a prevacation vacation. Our kids get along so great and have the best time just chillin' together. Of course we did take advantage of this time and hit the beach almost every day. The kids loved it!
Our house was a three houses down from the beach - not a shabby walk I might say - and of course we had a pool and everyone had their own room. We all took turns with meals and caring for each other's kids so we could maximize our vacation. The kids spent about 90% of their waking hours for a week in some sort of water or another.
This all did occur during the oil spill but we were fortunate enough to not encounter any of the ramifications of that. Instead there was a pretty miserable algae bloom but once you accepted that you were going to walk out of the water looking like swamp thing it was no big deal.
So, where we going next year guys?

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