Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ice Skating

For a short time, an ice skating rink is constructed at Baytowne Wharf so of course we have to take advantage. This year my mom was here so she got to see the kids in all of the craziness.

Last year Mike had to get out on the ice with them for some hand holding and I don't think AJ let go of the wall. But what a difference a year makes! Elizabeth was off zooming away the minute her feet hit the ice and I think AJ only head onto the wall for a brief minute.
He did have to come and check in after every lap though.And Jacob was amazing. We didn't go out on the ice with him just to see what he would do. He spent a little bit of time clinging to the wall but not after too long, he was able to make it around most of the rink with out holding on. It was pretty cool how fast he picked it up.

After about an hour and half of skating, we took the kids for some hot chocolate and snacks and headed back home. This is what I saw in my rear view window on the way home. I would have to say they tired themselves out. Not sure what Mike's excuse was. :)


DeeAnne said...

That was a great day but sooooo cold! The kids did such a good job at skating, I was very impressed. Love the "passed out" picture and if I remember they all crashed before we got out of the parking lot...
Love & miss you all!

Sally said...

Oh, man! I wish our rink had been that empty! You've got some pros on your hands there, Carrie.

And, seriously, what is it with daddies passing out with the kiddos while moms do the driving??