Friday, October 9, 2009

cake contest

Every other year Elizabeth's school has their Seminole Corn Festival to raise money for the school. This year they had a cake contest for the kids. They were asked to decorate their own cakes. While Elizabeth was at school i made two bundt cakes and put them together to form a pumpkin. Once she got home, she got right to work on frosting the cake with orange frosting. She then stuck a green ice cream cone in the middle for the stem and I put some green frosting in a ziplock baggy for her to pipe on as the vine.

I think she did a great job and it turned out really cute. Unfortunately when I went to drop the cake off in the morning for her I realized that there were a lot more cakes with parent "assistance" than not so she didn't place but she was proud of it and that is all that matters!


Mom/Gamma said...

What a beautiful job Elizabeth did, and all the more so because she did the decorating herself!!! I think we may have another creative girl (in addition to her Mom) in the family. Good job Elizabeth!
Love & kisses...

Amanda said...

That looks great! Where did you find a green ice cream cone?