Tuesday, October 6, 2009

what? it's fall?

With temps in the high 80's and the humidity at (well I don't know what it was but it was sticky) AJ's school kicked off fall with a field trip across the street to the pumpkin patch.

The kids were greeted with a story about fall and Halloween. All were very intrigued.

Followed by making their very own paper bag pumpkins. They filled orange paper bags with newspaper and then tied green pipe cleaners around the top to form the pumpkin.

AJ really got into the crumpling of the paper.

Afterwards they had a snack.
And then headed over to the experiment station where they learned about floating and sinking and that something has to have air in it to be able to float. Who knew?
Last but not least they got to pick out their very own pumpkin to take home with them. AJ of course tried for the biggest one he could find but we end up settling on something a little more reasonable.
Despite the heat and the unreasonable amount of sweat, all in all it was a fun trip to the pumpkin patch. Now if it would only start to feel like fall.


Mom/Gamma said...

Sounds like a fun field trip and the pumpkin AJ picked looks perfect. Love the orange shirt and shoes too.
Can't wait to get there to see that special pumpkin!
Love to all...

Tricia said...

It's back in the high 90's here for us and it's hard to think about holiday stuff when it's so hot! We even had 89% humidity here yesterday!!