Monday, November 16, 2009

happy day

Every day there is some point when I say to myself, "I can't wait until they are a little older and can do this or that." Today was not one of those days. Today was a day where I wanted time to stop and just for a little bit let me relish in the smallness that you are. To see you grow, change and mature makes me so proud but at the same time breaks a small piece of my heart. You are a beautiful human being and do and will bring so much joy into every one's lives that you touch. You bring me much happiness and laughter. I am so proud to have you call me Mama and for me to call you mine. Happy birthday little one for you will always be my baby.

I hate to interrupt but you have a phone call.

I wish you the happiest Happy Day! I love you!


Sally said...

Happy Birthday, Jacob!!

Tricia said...

Hey Big 3yr old! Hope you have a great Birthday.

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday to your baby!