Thursday, November 19, 2009

T-Day Feast

Jacob's school hosted a wonderful Thanksgiving Feast for all of the families of the preschoolers that attend. The two year olds blessed the food, the three year olds sang two songs and the four year olds sang three songs. It was priceless to see all of the kids in costume and pretty much in shock at the sight of 200 sets of eyes looking back at them.

Jacob started out okay but towards the end of their songs he had quite the meltdown. I think the pressure must have gotten to him. None the less we had a great time.

After the performances, we were then treated to a wonderful Thanksgiving meal with all of the fixings. Jacob and I ate lunch together and then headed over to AJ's school to help him in doing a group craft. I am thankful for days like today!


Mom/Gamma said...

Cute pictures, except the teary one of course. Looks like everything was fine in time for the feast. Can't believe how the little guy is growing up. Happy Turkey Day to you all.
Love & miss you!

Jenny said...

Brady's Thanksgiving Feast was cancelled b/c the school was on 2 hour delay b/c of FOG! Oh well! Love J's costume!! Sounds like such a great school!