Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

So this is how our Valentine's Day went . . .

We wake up (or should I say are woken up by three kids at once) and it is time to start the day. Well, by the looks of it outside (9" of snow and 2" of sleet on top of that) we won't be going anywhere. Mike ends up having to work on his thesis from home because we can't get out of the driveway - literally - we tried! Anyway, the story continues . . .

Time for a morning snooze!

We should get dressed for the day...don't I look cute?

Time for a little play - my mobile really intrigues me!

Just an example of how much snow we got (take a look at our bench).

Daddy decided he needed a "slacker break" from his thesis to play in the snow.

AJ's friend, Ethan, came over to join in the fun!

Elizabeth standing - or should a say fallen into the snow.

Daddy made a hole to hang out in too!

Trying to make a snow angel . . .

Boy! These guys are crazy!!!

I hope everyone had a special Valentine's Day - I know it was nice to spend it with the family!


McKenna and Cassidy said...

Such fun on Valentines Day! We got to hear the aby's heartbeat for the 1st tie! The girls loved that! Cassie got a little crazy in the office though! Never again! Glad to see your doing great! I need to do this blog thing! -Heather Douglas

A Quick World said...

Looks like it was a fun Valentines day. Our was posponed until the weekend. I guess i'll take 2days at Disneyland :)