Sunday, February 18, 2007

Snuggling with Gamma

My mom - or better known as Gamma - came to visit us out here in cold Ohio. The kids have really enjoyed her. I have loved having her around while Mike is busy at school finishing his thesis. Today, Elizabeth found time to snuggle with her on a big fluffy down comforter. I can't wait until we move closer to family and are able to see them more often.


A Quick World said...

Ahhh....Gamma:) I kow she is as excited as we are to get you all out here. I'm ready for smudge and farkle nights :)

Heather Kenney said...

Thanks for sharing with us. It is fun to see pictures of the kids, and keep up with what is going on in your lives since we don't get to see you all very often. I would like to get a hard copy of Jacob in has "fatiques".
Talk to you soon.
Love Heather

Anonymous said...

Thanks!!! I really enjoyed your little newsy stories and the picture of my beautiful Wife and Granddaughter!!! The pictures of Jacob and AJ were also great!!!