Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Beast

OK - so Jacob isn't really a beast but because of his size, we have deemed him that. I wanted to post his 7 month stats but to be honest, I can't give you exacts because he has been so sick lately. Last week he spiked a fever of 103 and it lasted for 5 days. On the third day of the fever we took him into the doctor and he told me to wait and see if a rash developed and then we would know it was Roseola. On day 4 with no rash and a continuing fever, we went back in for blood work and chest x-rays with suspected Valley Fever. The radiologist said she saw Valley Fever so we waited anxiously for a call back from the pediatrician. The next morning, the pediatrician called with the request for us to come in to take a look at the x-rays together along with discuss any treatment options. Well, after a long case of Mommy worrying, it turns out that he has pneumonia and Roseola (he developed the rash later that day). As sick as he may seem I am so thankful that it is not Valley Fever!!! Anyway, to make a long story short - he has lost some wait through this all so I'm not sure exactly what his 7 month stats are for sure.
But needless to say, he is still a very big boy with his most recent weight being 20 lb. 11 oz. and 28 3/4 inches. He has perfected his sitting skills and now is showing us that he is ready to crawl. He rocks on all fours any chance he gets. He is also babbling more than ever before with literally saying "blah blah blah" all day long. We have gotten a few "da da's" as well but I don't think they were intentional. He has also popped one tooth with another one coming any day. He is enjoying his new room in his crib with his brother sleeping not to far away. They are doing surprisingly well so far. Let's hope that he is on the mend and starts feeling better so we can see some more of his ever so impressive smiles.

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Shelley said...

Poor little Jakey! I hate when the kids are sick...EVERYONE is miserable.

Thank God it wasn't Valley Fever! I know a baby that had Roseola a few months ago...she is just fine, and seemed to be in pretty good spirits despite the fever and rash while she had it. I'm sure our little guy will be raring to go soon!

This little bugger is going to be an early walker! He is so strong and determined! You will have to post a video clip of him 'stuck in neutral'!