Sunday, June 17, 2007

Home Is Where The Military Takes You

Well, we have finally made it to Edwards AFB in California. We have been here a little less than a week and it actually feels really good to be back. I can't believe how many familiar faces we have seen and we feel like we are back where we are meant to be - on the west coast! Anyway, we must have done something right along the way because we were assigned a brand new house that was just built and has never been lived in. It is a 4 bedroom ranch that has enough space for 10 kids (not that we are having any more) and a garage that is a size that any man would be envious of. We will get our household goods delivered on the 20th and then the craziness of unpacking will begin. Anyway, I will try and keep this blog more updated as I gain access to a computer. Please e-mail me if I haven't given you our new address as I don't want to post it on here. I hope all is well with everyone and we really miss our friends back in Dayton.

Oh yeah - for those of you that are waiting, I am slowly working on our posts from Hawaii!


Shelley said...

Yea! Glad to see some pictures of the new house! I have loved living in our brand new house here...much better after the last two base houses that were almost 60 years old, and ready to be torn down. I hope to see more pictures as you get things unpacked and decorated! (More than I posted anyway!)

I will try to get that package mailed off to you today!

Anxiously awaiting Hawaii photos!

A Quick World said...

As someone living in an old rundown military house that is barely standing I am Jealous that you are just down the street and in something brand new with central air. Pllllbbbbb!!!!!!!

I still love you though and are glad you are near us again :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like a nice new home! Enjoy!! Hugs,Carol