Monday, June 25, 2007

Shuttle Landing

One of our privileges of living out in the middle of nowhere includes that ability to see some really cool things. Last Friday, we got the opportunity to see the shuttle Atlantis land here at Edwards AFB after it missed its opportunity in Florida. We loaded the kids in the car and drove over to a hill where you can see all of the flight line. At exactly 12:49PM, the shuttle appeared very high in the sky. Once it was seen it banked in from the south. We heard two sonic booms (which I must say scared the daylights out of AJ) as it continued its decent. What I was most amazed by was how fast it plumeted. It was a very fast and very steep decent but the landing was wonderful and appeared to be very smooth. When the parachute deployed, Elizabeth thought it was really cool because it was "hot pink" (actually it was red but we won't tell her). Anyway, an experience like this makes me thankful to be part of the military and live where I do.
I know it is blurry but if you look in the middle, the white dot is the shuttle when we first saw it.

The shuttle after landing. It was parked on the runway for about an hour before it was towed over to the NASA building where it is to be loaded onto the 747 and flown back to Florida.

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Shelley said...

That is so cool! In the three years we lived out there, we never saw it land...It landed there while we were gone on our honeymoon, and then again not too long after we moved to Colorado...lucky dogs!

Ah...don't you just love that crusty ole' desert!