Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day

We went down to Orange County for Labor Day to spend some time with my family and celebrate my Dad's 55th birthday ( a little early). My brother drove up from San Diego and my uncle and cousins were there as well. We all had a great time!

The kids helped Pappy blow out his candles on his birthday cake.

My cousin, Erin, got her first surf board. She went surfing with all of the guys every morning that we were there. From what I understand, she is pretty good and is going to be a pretty good surfer. Way to go Erin - you give those boys a run for their money!

My cousin, Wes, cracked us up with his antics the whole time we were there. He was so good with the kids and found a new buddy in AJ.

My brother, Dave - well what else can I say about him?

As hot as it was, the kids enjoyed a lot of time in the pool trying to keep cool. They both enjoyed washing Pappy's seashells that he collects while surfing.

Of course you can't have some outside time without some swinging involved. I think Jacob just enjoyed sitting back and taking in all of the activity that was going on around him.

Finally, before we left, we got a picture of my parents with the kids - we haven't had one since Jacob was born.

Oh yeah - did I mention that I broke my nose and busted up my knees?


Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun time!! Another break? Now what did you do? Hugs for you hon!! Carol

A Quick World said...

You know what i've told you about mike pushing you down the stairs. you Gotta learn how to catch yourself! :) he he he!! Love ya!

Sarah said...

Ok, now if you only look at these pictures in a bunch, the eyes and knees one and then AJ's below with the purple lips, this does not look good! What a sad beat up little family!!!