Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Silver Saddle Ranch

Today we went up to Silver Saddle Ranch in California City with our TPS playgroup. We had intended on going to the petting zoo there but for some unknown reason, it was closed when we got there. The kids still had a lot of fun playing in the teepee's , walking along the fence to the petting zoo and having the goats follow them and petting the horses.

Of course we had to get a group shot of the kids on the fence - how cute is that!

Jacob was a very patient on looker at the time. He was getting over pink eye and pneumonia at the time.

As we were leaving, the donkey let out a huge "he-ha" insisting that we come back and say bye to him. As soon as the kids said by, he was quite again. Bye bye donkey!


Sarah said...

We had a great time that morning! But you all should see this picture of AJ laughing at the goats, it is priceless...

A Quick World said...

The look on AJ's face when the donkey made his noise was hysterical!! we should have gotten a picture of that one.