Monday, September 17, 2007

My lil' chefs

Tonight we were getting ready for soccer practice and I was trying to figure out what to feed the kids. The timing is hard because practice starts at 6PM. Do I feed them before and try to get them finished and out the door in time or do I feed them afterwards when they are starving and cranky? Well, I decided if I could find something that they could help with, maybe they would have more interest in eating it. So off to work they went with grilled cheese sandwiches. They spread the butter, opened the cheese and pieced the sandwiches together in the pan. I cut up some apples for them to eat while I cooked the sandwiches hoping they wouldn't loose their interest. Well, in the end, Elizabeth devoured hers but AJ (like any other two year old I know) decided he wasn't ready to eat so therefore he didn't. As they say, "I'm sure he won't starve himself."


Sarah said...

How cute is that? Does AJ get hungry later in the night? We are entering that 'done' stage with Grace...sits at the table for two seconds and frantically says 'done'!!! Mealtime is so much fun now.

Pappy said...

Is that a "wine" bottle behind Elizabeth in the picture? Maybe they did a little more than just cheese and apples - which by the way, is what they often serve at wine tastings!!! Perhaps you've discovered a whole new way of "motivating" them to enjoy their meals!!!

A Quick World said...

YOu know the wine wouldn't hurt :) he he he!!!

Someday the boy will decide to actually eat a meal and we will all be shocked!