Monday, October 20, 2008

princesses, monkeys and spidermen too

A wonderful family in our squadron put on a spectacular children's Halloween party yesterday and with over 50 children in attendance, it was a hit. Our little princess-fairy-ballerina-angel, Spiderman and monkey were all in tow. And yes, you read that right as far as Elizabeth's costume goes. That will have to be a post all its own some other day.

There were activities galore for the kiddos to do. Mrs. H hand made treat bags for all of the kids with personalization to boot. The kids were given to tools to further enhance the decoration by painting their bags.
Of course there was also some cookie decorating that Spiderman himself found himself doing quite a bit of. I want to say it was all for the artistic side of the craft but I have a feeling he is like is mama and just wanted the M&M's.

The kids also made picture frames as well as popcorn skeleton hands, did bean bag toss, bounced in the bouncy house and had a great time comparing notes on costumes.

What a blast! Thank you so much H family for having us to your home and putting so much time and energy into this party. I know it will be very memorable to the kids. We had a good time too!Happy spooking season to all!

Just a side note on the missing monkey - who would have thought that a monkey costume would be so darn scary. My little man would not for the life of him let me put his moneky on and kept yelling "No monkey, no monkey!" Once he won that battle he proceeded to the bouncy house not to be seen until the end of the evening (wearing at least his monkey pants by then, I might add).

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