Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wednesday Confessions

1. Sickness Update - Quarantine!!! I have decided that is what this house needs! Yesterday, it was off to the doctor's office again because Jacob was not getting any better and AJ's "poison oak" was not resolving. What a trip this was! Anyway, after all tests, labs, x-rays, cultures and exams, it was determined that Jacob has pneumonia with blood in his lungs, strep throat and an ear infection. AJ has a kidney infection, UTI, yeast and oh yeah strep throat as well. (No - this doc thinks he never had poison oak to begin with.) To be honest with you, I knew they didn't feel good but I would have never guessed that either one of them was this sick with the way that they have been able to play lately. I just feel bad for all of the people that we have exposed. Mike is headed to the flight doc today for a throat culture and I suppose I should go in too being I have had a cough and sore throat for about two weeks now. Isn't the change of seasons great?!

2. Despite the sickness that we have been dealing with around here, we headed out to festival that was put on by several different organizations in the area and benefited Bluewater Elementary School and Destin Middle School. Elizabeth's school ended up raising over $5000 that day.
The kids had a blast! AJ played on the firetruck and LOVED it! An of course there was face painting and pumpkin decorating. We also played a lot of carnival games and won a lot of prizes (aka junk). The kids (Mom and Dad too) were tired by the end of the day but it was a lot of fun!
3. Can you believe it? I am almost truly in my 30's. Aggghhh! I know I am 30 now, but that is so close to 29 that there is still hope of me being young and fun. 31 - well there is no turning back now. Actually I am just being a baby. I really don't mind getting older but I sure am feeling the generation gap more and more between the younger kids (i.e., my babysitter) and myself. There is so much that I can't relate to anymore. When did that happen?

4. Car shopping - WOW, that sure can cause some tension in a marriage, huh? The dilemma - my van (blech) is need of a transmission repair (est. cost $375) and 4 new tires (est. cost $600). The van itself is only worth about $2000. Do we dump the money into the van and hope there are no major repairs in the near future or do we suck it up and buy a new van? Now the new van would be oh so very nice but it also introduces a ~$450/month payment that we have not had to pay for several years now. (Let me tell you, no car payments is a very nice thing!!!) Not to get too in depth into our finances, let's just say the money is there but it would be tight. Oh what to do and how to convince the husband of the right thing...wink wink.

5. My mom is coming to visit. Did you all read that? If not, let me bold it for you - MY MOM IS COMING TO VISIT!!!!! I am so excited about this! The last time she was here to visit (or the last time she visited during the last time we were stationed here) was when Elizabeth was born. So, Niceville hasn't really changed all that much but the area that we now live in has and I am so excited for her to see all that we have around us. I am hoping that when she sees all that this area has to offer the kids that that will comfort her in our distance. Being away from my family was the most heart breaking thing about moving again. I hate it every day but knowing that my kids have so much more to do and are so much happier here makes it better for me and I can't wait to show her what I mean. I just hope it isn't humid while she is here because that won't go over too well! I love you Mom and can't wait to see you!
6. My kids have way TOO MANY clothes! Today I got motivated to clean out the kids closets and pull out the warmer clothes. I seriously think that just one of my kids has more clothes than I have - how is that? I know, I know - I am addicted to getting them clothes. They are just soooo much cuter than any adult clothes! Who can blame me?
7. I need to find some recipes that I are cheap and quick to make. Does anyone have any ideas? I need to be able to have some things that I can make on the days that we have activities in the afternoon and I run out of time to make dinner. Eating out needs to come to a halt!
8. When is going to cool off? I am so ready for fall weather and cooler temperatures. I am not expecting anything dramatic here but almost 90 everyday in the middle of October is a little ridiculous!
That's it - that's what you get for today. My brain is honestly too tired to concentrate any more. I hope everyone is having a good week.


Sally said...

Carrie, I think you're going to love this...Matt & I aren't cooking anymore this month...not for dinner anyway. BECAUSE, we did it all already. I've got 22 meals in my freezer.

Here's what we did...
1. Choose a meat (for us, chicken breast or pork chop)
2. Choose some veggies
3. Chop, season, marinade.
4. Put a serving in a freezer bag (for us, we share a chicken breast plus about 1.5c of the veggies)
5. Freeze it.
When you're ready to use the meal, you can either thaw it in the fridge that day or just go straight from baggie to roasting pan. Roast in a 400 degree oven 20 minutes, toss, roast again.

We're still playing around with good seasonings, types of veggies, etc, but it's been great. Plus, it was super-cheap to do. I'm a HUGE fan of using the freezer these days. Cook when you have time and then live off that until you get more time.

Mom/Gamma said...

So glad to hear the boys have finally gotten some meds to help them feel better. I agree, you better go get checked, how would all this stuff get accomplished if you get sick too.
I'm so excited to get there, of course I want to see the sights but most of all just to spend time with all of you. See you soon!
Love & hugs to all!