Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wednesday Confessions

1. So, I ended up talking to Elizabeth's soccer coach last Wednesday. I just politely stated that I didn't think that the way he was talking to the kids was very appropriate for the age group. Well, I think it back fired because at the game on Saturday, instead of coaching her, he didn't speak to her at all. I swear! Anyway, she still had a good time (she's #5) and that is all that matters to me in the end!

2. We all know that politicians are dirty deceitful people, but how dare they interfere with my Grey's Anatomy! That is just plain rude to schedule the VP debate on a Thursday evening! Seriously!

3. Poison Oak sucks! My poor little AJ (once again he's going to kill me for this later in life) has a minor case of poison oak. If that wasn't bad enough in and of itself, it is in his "private area." Yep, you read that right. Let me tell you taking him to the doctor for that was a joy - not! The doctor's best guess is that he peed on a tree and wound up getting it that way but I'm not too sure about that because his tree peeing days have been eliminated (as far as I know). All I have to say, is only in my family do these things happen. I am just going to leave it at that.

4. Speaking of private areas, there are just some things that kids should be born knowing! We finally had to have the talk of who can touch what after finding the kids playing with Jacob's winky like it was a toy. I swear there are some things I just am not prepared to witness. After my scream of oh my goodness, I sat the kids down and told them about how we have private areas that are not meant for others to touch. Well, of course, this didn't register in Jacob's mind because the next time he saw Elizabeth naked, off he went to pinch her bottom. My kids truly embarrass me sometimes. I'm sure they think the same of me though. I guess I need to get over it because the conversations to come are only that much more complex! Mike can handle that, right?

5. Mike and I are in need of a new minivan and we need it bad. My 10 year old van's transmission is failing. Now here is the dilemma, do we put money into the old van to have the transmission repaired, which would cost about what the car is worth, or do we head out to the car lots and suck it up and buy a new one. Well, if you know me at all, I am sure you can guess what my vote is for. So, my brilliant, mathematically dorky husband came up with a budget spreadsheet for us so that we could figure out if we can afford a new car right now. (I put a link to the budget template because in all honesty it is a really good one - with pie charts and everything - and thought I would share with anyone that is need of getting one started.) I think we are going to head out this weekend and test drive a few and see where we can go from there.

6. I know I have expressed my mental dilemma's about going back to work but the top one on my list is being able to spend time with my baby one on one several hours a week. He is my baby and isn't slowing down any in his growing up. I want to be able to treasure my last glimpses of babiness while I can. We have had a lot of fun lately cooking, cleaning (yes, he helps me in that area), coloring, painting and frankly just goofing off. We sit down together and eat our lunch together on these days. Today he decided to put on dance show for me. Of course when I pulled out the video camera, the silly antics came to a halt but nonetheless, how could I not enjoy my time with Jacob when he does cute things such as this?

7. It is quite often I see this site.
You see, I drive over the Mid-Bay Bridge almost daily to get to the best shopping around and some really great places for the kids to play. The kids had an early release today so we met up with some friends and had a great time. (TPS girlies - this picture is for you guys!)

8. I am becoming increasingly disappointed with the lack of photo shoots that I am getting booked. Don't get me wrong! I have a couple booked that I am totally stoked about but I thought I would have more. I keep telling myself that it is a result of the economy and I am certainly a disposable expense but nonetheless, I really wish I had more. I am hoping it will pick up soon.

9. Are there every days when you feel like you should just adhere taxi stripes to the side of your car? Well, today was one of those days for me. I love being busy but I feel like I didn't stop today. Maybe that is what I should do to earn a little cash - Mommy Taxi For Hire - what do you think?

10. Well, I am off to pick out trophies for the soccer team and organize their end of the year party. A piece of advice for all, DON'T EVER VOLUNTEER UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE GETTING YOURSELF INTO!!!!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday and enjoying our new found fall weather!

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