Monday, June 22, 2009

a little trauma in the bathroom

I've debated for about a week now on publishing this post and well, I think I have a duty to my children to document all of their moments, be them embarrassing as they may. It is my duty!

I never dreamed that I would be in love with a toilet seat. At the beginning of last week the thought hadn't even crossed my mind. But a independent potty training little boy quickly changed my mind.

Let me start with how proud I am of the little guy for taking the initiative to potty train himself. You know, I'm sure the influence of the bigger kids has something to do with it but I will just tell myself that he is just smart that way.

Well, so he was showing me his stuff and after a completed deposit he proceeded to close the lid on himself. You know - on HIMSELF!!!

There was a huge gasp for air followed by a scream that was somewhere between a screech of a cat and a loud police siren. When I realized what happened, I quickly scooped him up and upon examination I realized we needed some ice and a phone call to the doctor. Once I spoke to the nurse and provided a brief description, we headed into the pediatricians office.

Our pediatrician reassured us that things should be alright and with some pain meds and antibiotic cream in tow we headed back home with the thought that potty training was no longer going to be an activity in this household for a while. Little did I know - the little dude was not deterred.

However, I do want my boys to live happy and healthy lives and if there is going to be a toilet seat in this house that prevents it, I won't have it. So, the next day I made the trip to Home Depot to see what I could find and wouldn't you know, they have these seats called "Whisper Close." The close VERY slowly and quietly too.

I promptly installed them once we got home and Jacob quickly pronounced they were the nice potty seats. I am loving them because I haven't heard a toilet seat slam since that day and they think it is fun to close them. Benefits all around...

So, yes - I am in love with my toilet seat! There, I have said it!


Sally said...

Poor little guy! Can't even imagine the wrath he must feel at toilet seats. Here's hoping his memory is short! :-)

Tricia said...

Didn't even know they made such things! Glad he isn't afraid of the potty. :)

Jenny said...

We might have to invest in at least one of those around these parts. Brady comes so close to slamming the lid on "himself" pretty much every time he goes. I gasp every time I hear that lid! Thanks for the laugh (now that we know he is OK) :)

Mom/Gamma said...

OMG!!! That was a scary day but I'm so glad that Jacob is doing better now. As I told you when you called on the way to the doctor, I seem to hold my breath when I see that you are calling. You never know with your family what's next...
Love & miss you all!