Wednesday, June 24, 2009


With the summer in full swing we have found ourselves at the pool almost every day and even twice a day on occasion. With all of this pool time, AJ and Elizabeth have started to teach themselves how to swim. They will start swimming lessons in two weeks but until then they are perfecting their own moves.

Jacob even has his own signature moves that he performs with his noodle. This kid has NO fear of water!

This is the long path that we walk to get to and from the pool. I think it is so pretty but the kids certainly think it is a long walk when it is time to go home.
Until next time...


Jenny said...

That's so great that you can walk to the pool. I think that will be a "must have" for our next move, neighborhood pool! Loading up the mini with pool stuff and then driving 15 mins. to unload and get in is just such a pain! Great summer pictures!

Tricia said...

I always loved that walk! Wish we were there to go swimming with you guys!