Wednesday, June 3, 2009

sprinkler party

First let me say, yes, I know it has been a while but there have been other things to do here besides blog. What are these other things, you ask? Well, there is finding another car for Mike, going to meetings about the new school that AJ is going to attend, attending end-of-year parties, going to the doctor's office (multiple times, I might add), running the kids to karate and soccer, doing photo shoots and of course the everyday mundane stuff that us mommies get to do such as laundry, cleaning, cooking and so on. Well, not that I have inundated you with all of my excuses as to why I haven't blogged in a week, here is a post that should keep you tied over for a little bit at least.

The kindergarten's at Elizabeth's school celebrated the end of year with an ice cream sundae and sprinkler party. Unfortunately it was raining outside so the party was moved indoors but her teacher certainly made do.

The kids kicked it off with their ice cream sundae creations, which were quite impressive to say the least. The kids then presented their teacher with a necklace that had each of their pictures on it as an end of the year present.
They then followed with some good old shaving cream art at their tables and then the parents all blew bubbles for them to play with. At the end, the class treated us to a song and dance.

I have been hearing about this song all year long and it was such a kick to see all of the kids do it together.

What a great class and an amazing teacher Elizabeth has had this year and I will miss her dearly as she has impacted Elizbeth's life in such a wonderful and positive way. She has paved a great path for Elizabeth to continue on in her many school years to come. Thank you for all of your hard work this year, Mrs. Fiorello. We love you!


Mom/Gamma said...

What a wonderful school and class Elizabeth has. Kindergarten is such an important year in every child's life and it sure seems that she had a great year. I do have a request though...can Elizabeth teach me and Pappy how to do that song/movements. We could use that quite often I think!
Love to all!

Tricia said...

I love the song!! I needed a good laugh!!