Saturday, December 5, 2009

christmas parade

Hey baby, it's cold outside!

Well at least it was this morning when we decided to haul the kiddos out to the Niceville Christmas parade. We thought we were being clever in our parking decision but it turned out we are at the end of the route past the point of the parade ending.
So, instead of sitting in the car with the heat on, we braved the elements and headed out to see the parade. While waiting for festivities, the kiddos huddled up close to Daddy before they turned into little ice cubes. Let me tell you, Jacob was miserable cold.

Once they heard the parade coming, they quickly jumped up anxiously awaiting the sights and of course the mass quantities of candy that is thrown from each float.

When we couldn't stand the cold any longer we headed back to the car, cranked up the heater and warmed ourselves back up. Only AJ decided he wanted to brave the elements again and go see one of his friends that was in the parade. We gathered some more candy and quickly headed back to the car once again to find three little ones up on the roof watching the sites from there.
All in all I think the kiddos had a good time and I am sure we have enough candy to last us until next Halloween for sure! As for me, I am still thawing out!

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Mom/Gamma said...

What brave kids and parents. Isn't it amazing what you do for those lifelong memories.
Love you all