Saturday, December 19, 2009

it's santa!

The Test Wing on base had a children's Christmas party for all of the kiddos on Friday night. They had good food and all sorts of activities ranging from crafts, to sports, to bouncy castles to cookie decorating and of course Santa visiting. Elizabeth spent most of her time at the craft table and I think we brought home a good 4 or 5 new ornaments for the tree.

Santa made his arrival on a fire truck (in Air Force fashion) with all of the kids cheering. Once inside, each child was called up to see Santa by family. Elizabeth ran right up there but the boys were no where to be seen. Once AJ heard that there was a present involved he very cautiously approached the ol' man but Jacob would have nothing to do with him.

All of the kids received books and I would have to say that AJ liked his for sure He has slept with his book every night since he received it.

What lucky kids we have to be able to participate in activities such as this. Merry Christmas!


Jenny said...

I adore Elizabeth's outfit!!!! Where is it from??

Carrie said...

Jenny - I got it at a store called Belk's. I would go get one for Lucy for you but I think the smallest size they had was a 7/8. It's funny - all of the women like it but Mike hated it. Men and their opinions - uugghh!

Jenny said...

You're so sweet, I'll have to keep my eye out for something similiar for the upcoming years for Lulu. It's so darling and I know all about the men and their opinions. LOL