Saturday, December 26, 2009

Ice Skating

A rare opportunity in Florida for sure but we found an outdoor ice skating rink not too far from us so we headed out to let the kids get a taste of "cold weather" activities. The rink was inside a tent so I guess it really wasn't outdoors but beggars can't be choosers. Anyway, I figured it was going to have to be the two of us adults to man the three kids but AJ and Elizabeth got the hang of it right away and Mike was able to man Jacob. I stayed off the rink to document the event and plus it was a good excuse to not make a fool out of myself.

Jacob was most secure having both of his hands held by Daddy most of the time but Elizabeth helped out a little bit and was a great big sister.

He even tried a little on his own but hanging onto the wall is only so much fun for so long.

AJ did great for his first time ice skating. He followed the wall most of the time and would briefly let go here and there. By the time we got ready to leave, he was able to go quite a ways without falling or holding onto the wall.

Elizabeth seemed like an old pro the second she was out on the ice. She fell quite a bit but got right back up and was back at it right away.

They are all already requesting to go again and again. Too bad the rink is closing in a week! Good times and good memories....


Jenny said...

what a treasure - ice skaing in florida! looks like they all had a great time!!

Mom/Gamma said...

Looks like fun, hope you get a chance to go again!
Love & miss you all