Wednesday, July 4, 2007

A Boy In Love!

Well, for those of you that haven't had the opportunity to spend quality time with AJ, you haven't had the experience of his infatuation with lawn mowers. We tease that he is going to be in Mowers Addicts Anonymous - it is to that extreme. Today he exhibited his love while we were at our friend's house, dog sitting. He went on an excursion to find Adam's lawn mower and then once we found it, he touched it gently and showed me all of the different parts. Of course once we got back in the car to come home, he told me about Daddy's mower. Knowing that Mike was planning on mowing, I let AJ go out and ogle over Daddy's mower - where he proceeded to spend about 20 minutes just looking at it. Once Mike got into mowing mode, AJ promptly got his play mower out and followed Mike with a very serious and focused look on his face - he had work to do.

I figure at least we will know who will be mowing the lawn when he gets older.

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July!

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Shelley said...

Maybe he will be able to help out around the house sooner than you had thought! What a big boy he's becoming!