Sunday, July 8, 2007

TPS Road Rally

Yesterday, the senior TPS class put on a Road Rally for us so that we could get acquainted with the base. Seeing as how Mike and I have been here before, or course we thought we had the advantage. Here's how it went:

We dropped the kids (Elizabeth & AJ) off at the Jungle Zone - a play center for kids on base - promptly at 8:30AM and proceeded over to TPS for an enlightening video about TPS and what we should expect. Of course the video was a little outdated (c. 1950) so us wives had a hard time relating to Helen - the perfect housewife. Once the video was over we were given out teams, told the directions and sent off on our journey through the desert.

We departed shortly after exposing all of the wonderful stuff that grows under a car seat when we had to remove it so that our partner could ride with us. I bravely decided to take that seat as to not expose anyone else to the mess. Once we were situated we took off with our first check point in hand. Each checkpoint had a box placed somewhere that had another card in it that gave you your next destination.

Each one of the cards had "trivia" on it along with directions to do challenges. My job entailed getting the answers to the trivia questions. Well, since I was the driver, I promptly put my bluetooth in and called my Dad to look up the answers on the internet. You have to use your resources - right?

Mike's job was to jump out of the car and run to get the next card. He got his fair share of running through the desert that day - it was kind of funny.

Our partner was our navigator and our head guy for the challenges. Mike dutifully watched as the paper airplane contest commenced.

Upon completion of all of our tasks, we turned in our cards and were off to the conference center for a wonderful lunch that was put on for us by the seniors. As we all anxiously awaited the results of the Rally, we socialized with all of the other families that we will be spending the next year with.

The results are in - we were in . . . last! ( We won't discuss the details behind that - hmmmm! But, I must inform Dad that we did get all of our trivia questions correct - thanks!) FYI - we got a can of Raid as our consolation prize - it will come in very handy!)

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Shelley said...

Gotta have raid for all of those black widows and ants at Edwards!

Looks like you guys had a good time. We sure never did anything like that when we were there before!