Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Summer Bash 2007

On Saturday, June 30th Edwards AFB had it's annual Summer Bash - a Fourth of July celebration. (I am not sure why it wasn't done on the fourth this year.) It included rides for the kids, lots of food and beer, live music, and of course lots of fireworks. We didn't think the kids would make it for the fireworks but they never cease to amaze us - they were great!

AJ took Mike to the kiddie swings MANY times. I think he is going to have a lot of fun at amusement parks when he gets older.

Elizabeth enjoyed the many foods offered at the Bash but her favorite was the slushie - especially when she figured out that it matched her dress.

AJ was unsure of the "booms" that the fireworks made so he climbed on our friend, Adam's lap and was "protected" as he watched the rest of the show.

When the fireworks started, I told Elizabeth that the rules for watching fireworks were to look up and say "ohh ahh". Well she took this to heart and said "ohh ahh" to every single one that was shot. She LOVED them!!!

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Shelley said...

Elizabeth cracks me up with her 'matching' things to her dress of the day! So funny that she took the 'ooh, ahh's' to heart!