Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Christmas Day

AJ and Elizabeth promptly woke up at 6AM Christmas morning and wanted to see if Santa came to Gamma & Pappy's house. They were so happy to see that their stockings had been filled, cookies and milk had been consumed and of course there were a lot more presents under the tree. While they waited for everyone else to wake up, the searched through their goodies that were in their stockings. All in all, Christmas was a wonderful day and I am so glad that we all got to spend it with family.

It is amazing how Play-Doh always seems to be a big hit!

AJ was so funny because he promptly stated that every box and present was his. Of course, being it is the season of giving, we let him open our presents as well. I think being encouraged to rip up paper was right up his ally.

My future rock-star has not put down her guitar since Santa brought it. AJ has sported the pink guitar as well but to save his dignity we will not post those pictures. :)

Jacob got in on the present opening action too. He ripped a few boxes open but couldn't quite understand why the paper wasn't for him to play with and eat.

We had a wonderful Christmas and I hope you all did too!

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