Monday, January 14, 2008

suggestions welcome

Well - I know there are some of you Martha Stewart types out there so I figured I would ask for help and suggestions. I am working on the centerpieces for our TPS graduation. We are the 007 Secret Agents so the martini theme just seemed to fit. Anyway, this is an over sized martini glass filled with cracked glass gel. I painted Styrofoam balls to be the olives and used a dowel rod to be the swizzle stick. What I am in need of is any suggestions on how to attach table numbers in a cute way and needless to say - it has to be cheap. Also, if anyone has any other ideas of what we can add to the glass to make it even better, please don't hold back. Thanks for your help!


A Quick World said...

maybe a BowTie around the stem that could also be the table numbers. I would also paint the dowel silver.

Anonymous said...

Maybe add some color....maybe make cosmos or apple matrinis or use colored glass. Maybe use a lemon or lime as garnish and put the table number in the rhind of the fruit. Could you decorate the glass with something??