Tuesday, January 22, 2008

time spent at Gamma & Pappy's

Last week the kids and I headed down to my parents house for several days. I had a dentist appointment and Jacob had an appointment at UCLA so having grandparents around to watch my little bambinos came in very handy. Well my time at the dentist officially changed my outlook on the profession or at least my desire to visit one. I left the first visit with a root canal and a promise of more to come. It turns out being pregnant as many times as I have and having them so close together depletes your calcium and your body has a hard time recovering (especially if you don't drink milk - like me). This in turn effects your teeth greatly and now I have a lot of repair work ahead of me. Uuughhh! The way I put it to Mike is "Our new car will now be driving into my mouth with what this is all going to cost!"Anyway, the kids did have a great time visiting Gamma & Pappy. The got to head over to park one afternoon and kick around the soccer ball and play on the playground equipment. I was also able to get in a few cute shots of the kids in my parents yard.

We are headed back down there next Monday for me to have some more dental work so I am sure they will get in a lot more park days! Thanks Mom so much for watching these crazy kids!!!

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