Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Introducing My Spot Children!

So there I was making dinner (you know this is going to be interesting when I start out a post that way) and I hear Jacob playing behind me and the other two are playing in Elizabeth's room. All is peaceful on the home front, right? Well, when I looked down to see my little man, this is what my eyes gazed upon.

So, at first glance, I thought, "well crap, he got into the markers and I'm sure the walls are covered." Then I started to look a little closer. Notice how the marks are all to "clean" and that there are some marks in places that his little hands couldn't reach. So now I am figuring that this is only going to get worse so I might as well just grab the camera. Off I go with little spot man following to hunt down the culprits of this new artwork. In an attempt to catch the kiddos in action I sneaked up on them, took a few shots and then calmly asked, "What do you think you are doing?"

The response I got was, "We are spot kids. I am Spot Girl and AJ is Spot Boy." I have no clue why they felt they had to strip down to underwear to complete this costume, but hey - whatever.

My thoughts at this point are they have no idea the gravity of what they have done. So I told them that they were going to eat dinner in their spots and wait until Daddy got home and I might just send them to school with their spots tomorrow. This didn't seem to phase them either.

Daddy got home in the middle of dinner and promptly laughed and then quietly asked me if they were at least the washable kind. Knowing that they were just made it a little bit more funny. After dinner it was off to the tub and with lots of scrubbing they are now "My Faded Spot Children."

I can only hope that tomorrow we will not encounter so much artistry!

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A Quick World said...

That looks like a rare case of chicken pox :) I think it's hysterical!!!!! I love those kidos :)