Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Today was a hot one and it is only supposed to get hotter! So what does that mean in the Marlin household? Yup - you got it! Time to break out the kiddie pool. Out came the new bathing suits for the year and all of the tub toys were thrown into the pool. Wouldn't you know it that the plastic cups were the biggest hit though? Trying to get into the mood of summer, I made myself some good old southern sweet tea and sat out by the kids for a while. It sure was nice to see them all playing so well and me being able to relax at the same time. Happy summer (almost)!

(AJ was being camera shy today - sorry about the lack of shots of him.)


A Quick World said...

Sorry we missed it, Ben took a late nap. Let us know when you do it again :)

Sally said...

Looks like fun!!