Friday, May 16, 2008

jurassic park

Does this remind you of any particular outside fun you had as a child?

I sure can remember making mud "cakes" outside when I was little so when our pool time turned into a reenactment of the Jurassic era today, I had to keep telling myself, "This is what childhood is all about." I think the only part where the kids weren't in totally kid heaven was when I hosed them off before they came inside. It was a little cold - ooops!

However, as a mother I would like to ask the person that thought that "natural landscaping" was the best for our houses - "What were you thinking!?"


Sally said...

You're a super-mama, Carrie. I saw these kiddos in action and I know it was tough to just let go and let them have their fun. Good job with being chill!! :-)

A Quick World said...

looks like fun!