Thursday, May 14, 2009

busy day

So, I am feeling really guilty that it has taken me so long to get this post up but - oh well - better late than never, right?.

Anyway, Elizabeth wanted to run a race on her birthday so it was off to the races for us early that morning. She was so excited to strut her stuff with Gamma watching. I ran the 5K first thing and Elizabeth ran her 1 mile right after the 5K was over. Mike was nice enough to be support for both of us as he ran with me and then ran with Elizabeth.

I was disappointed with my race because there were some hills that I just wasn't expecting and they kicked my butt! I had to stop and walk up the last hill which really disappointed me but I guess there is always next year to overcome those obstacles.

Elizabeth did great and I was so proud of her. I made the mistake of sending her in shoes that she hadn't run in before so she had some sore feet that she had to stop and adjust midway through but otherwise did wonderful and I think had a lot of fun.

After the race it was back home for a little bit of rest time for the kids. Shortly there after my mom and I left for the park to go set up for AJ and Elizabeth's birthday luau.
Elizabeth practiced her hula dancing before her guests arrived. Once everyone arrived, the girls donned their hula skirts and the boys added their cool man sunglasses and did a little hula. The boys were not into the hula but the girls really got into it.

We went a couple rounds with limbo that the kids got some laughs and giggles from.

AJ quickly learned that it was so much easier just to crawl under the limbo stick. What a little stinker!

Then it was off to play for a little while before doing some crafts. We made visors with luau type decals.

And then of course there was cake and followed by present opening.

AJ and Elizabeth made out like little bandits. I know we are going to have a lot of fun this summer with all of the craft activities as well as all of the outside toys that they got. Everyone is so generous!

The kids had a blast and I hope our guests did. That night we came home and played for a little while before we all crashed in our beds from exhaustion. What a day!


E2leigh said...

You are a great party thrower! It looks like everyone had fun.

Jenny said...

Looks like a great party! And congrats to both of you on the runs!

Sally said...

Wow...looks like so much fun! You both did a great job with the races. Carrie, seriously, skinny mini, you've got to stop or you'll disappear! Good for you, girl. :-)

Mom/Gamma said...

I had such a nice time and really enjoyed my visit with all of you. The big birthday was a really busy day but loved every minute of it. Your family always does so many fun activities. Thanks again for including me!
Love & miss you all....