Tuesday, May 12, 2009

swingin time

So, I got really tired of looking at my hideous face so I had to throw some pictures of the kiddos on their new and wonderful swing set. I am really hoping this will help me to save my sanity over the summer. Actually I am pretty sure this along with the outdoor water toys will get a great deal of use!

Anyway, on with the pics, right?

Oh yeah - I am doing much better. The splints, cast and stitches all came off and out today. The swelling isn't too bad and the bruising is hardly there. I must say that I still feel really nauseous all of the time but hopefully time will be the cure for that. Best of all I can breathe again - hallelujah!


Sally said...

Wow...that is an AWESOME swingset! Will you get to take it with you when you move?

So glad you're feeling better, Carrie. :-) Can the doc give you anything for the nausea? Are there "after" shots in our future?

Jenny said...

Great swingset Carrie, I'm hoping to get one of those in our backyard here before Mike deploys. Hopefully he'll get one in or else I'll be building it and that could be bad :) Glad you are feeling better.