Sunday, May 24, 2009

playing in the rain

We are now on our third day of rain and it is predicted to rain for 7 more. Ugghh! With that, you have to get creative with child entertainment and just take advantage of the elements. I figure not having a pool, means you just get to play in the puddles, right?

The kids are just like a wet dog after a bath - they get all frisky and wild when we let them play in the rain. I wish I had grabbled the camera a little earlier because I missed Elizabeth and AJ in motion.

I was able to grab one of AJ blowing bubble in the rain and seeing if the rain drops would pop them. Jacob tried blowing bubbles of his own but had more fun running into the bubbles.

And of course you gotta try some scooter riding in the rain! This lasted right up until the point he accidently ran over a worm and that just tramatized him to see a worm cut in two still wiggling. Ahh, the lessons of life.

I am predicting more playing in the rain in our near future!


Jenny said...

Playing in the rain days are some of my favorite memories from growing up! Looks like they are loving it and it's great that you let them!! I know a lot of parents wouldn't send them out to ENJOY the rain! I can't wait 'til we get a rain here on a warm day, Brady and I will both be out there taking it all in!

Tricia said...

I miss playing in the rain! Always some good times :)