Thursday, March 8, 2007

Me and My Truck

Gamma & Pappy gave AJ his Scoop for Christmas and he has recently taken a new loving to it. It has become his new seat for watching TV and even has a seat that is used for storage where he tends to keep his blankies and sippy cups. His new found love of construction equipment and transportation vehicles is a lot of fun! He has a book about the different construction "diggers" that we read several times a day and any time we go out of the house we either see a "caaa", "guck", or "bussss". He is such a boy!

Watching TV

Uh! Oh! I was caught by the camera.

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Shelley said...

A.J. would have a blast at our house right now. They are putting up new houses next door and behind us, so there is a lot of fun construction equipment to see...The bean and Andy love to sit at the back door and keep an eye on the activity.