Sunday, November 11, 2007

Family Fun

Our family was privileged enough to be able to have both my parents and Mike's parents here this weekend. My parents made the trek up from Orange County to see Tricia for her baby shower and of course get in a little grandkid time. John and Mary flew in from Colorado on Thursday. We haven't seen them since May so it has been so nice to be able to spend time with them and I know the kids have had a blast. We will be sad to see them leave tomorrow but know that we will see them soon.

Saturday afternoon the grandparents spent some time outside with Elizabeth and AJ on the trampoline. Let me tell you it is a great site to see them try to jump on that apparatus. I just loved this picture of my Dad - what talent he has.

When I say that I am trying to get Jacob off of bottles, I didn't think I would have to wean him off of beer bottles as well but, while the big kids were outside, Jacob discovered his first beer (the bottle was empty by the way). Apparently those last few drops were really good because trying to get him to relinquish the bottle was quite a feat. I figure every kid needs that incriminating picture at some point.

Sunday morning the guys went golfing and us girls were at home with the kids. I am thinking that we should get a trampoline for our parents for Christmas because we just could keep them off of it. I found both of the grandma's on the trampoline with all of the kids. It was such a cute sight.
And then of course we couldn't end the weekend with some snuggle time with Nana. Jacob is getting some more teeth and has been a little fussy lately - nothing Nana can't cure though.

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