Monday, November 12, 2007

Happy Pre-Birthday

Since family was in town we decided to celebrate Jacob's birthday a little early. (It is hard to believe the little guy is almost one - where does the time go?) Anyway, we started with a few presents from Gamma and Pappy before they had to leave to go home. Jacob loves his little shopping cart and is cruising all over the house with it. After dinner we let Jacob experience his birthday cake since Nana and Papa were still here. It was an adorable little frog but I must say that Jacob was very hesitant about it when I first gave it to him. Once he got a taste of the icing, he decided he liked it. He is such a nice little brother that he shared most of it with Elizabeth and AJ. I think he had a good pre-birthday! :)


A Quick World said...

now that's the way to eat cake. Wish I could get away with eating it like that!!!

Carol Boersma said...

So cute!!

Kristina Soucy said...

Oh my Gosh. I can't believe how big he has gotten. He is a minatre AJ with red hair!!!! How cute! Give him kisses for us and tell AJ that Ethan misses him!!