Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thank You!

Dear Tricia,

I wanted to let you know what a precious gift you have given me by letting me be part of Benjamin's arrival. We have been so close for so long and have been through so much but I feel that moments like this are cherished and only shared with those that we truly love. I am so glad that you chose me.

I must say I am a little sad about loosing my friend that I have known for so long but I am elated to welcome a friend that will not only grow as a person but be able to feel a new appreciation for life and love now that you have a little one of your own. The induction into motherhood is such a bittersweet thing as you will now move to a new chapter in you life and have to leave behind your past as you knew it. But, what is to come is infinitely better than
you could ever imagine.

When you look into Benjamin's eyes, when yours will hardly open, everything around you will fade and your love for him will be the most overpowering thing you will ever feel. I can't wait to see him grow and change as you and Adam shower him with your love, knowledge and appreciation of life.

You and Adam have tried for this little miracle for so long. It breaks my heart to know all of the pain that you went through in trying to accomplish what you now have but I know that God saved Benjamin for you. Benjamin certainly could not ask for more loving and devoted
parents and I am so happy for the two of you.

I know that the Air Force has taken us in different directions over the years but we have always managed to be together for the important events of each others lives. For that reason, I know that even if we are apart in the future, we will always be together in heart and will get to see both of our families grow as one. Thank you so much for allowing me witness your most recent miracle!


Benjamin Archer Quick
November 24, 2007
6lb 10oz
20 inches


Sarah said...

Well darn it, there goes my makeup!!
Congrats Tricia, he is adorable, and awesome pictures Carrie, what a special memory you shared with Tricia. Ok, all these new babies make me want another one!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful letter Carrie!! Tricia is luck to have such a wonderful friend by her side!!
Congrats to Tricia and Adam! Benjamin is adorable!! Hugs, Carol Boersma

A Quick World said...

We have definately been through it all it seems and I am very fortunate to have you in my life to help me through those tough times. I know I always say you keep me sane and you say the same thing about me and I think that's what makes us so close. I wouldn't have wanted anyone else to share in Benjamin's birth than you. You are my rock and I will need you more now than I ever have. We love you and your family and are so glad that the Airforce has kept us close together for those special events like these that can never be replaced. Thank You and I am eternally greatful for all you do.